5 simple Facebook tips to help get you business by Sarah Lynn

Yesterday I was taking one of my lovely clients through her post-website guide session and realised there were a few easy Facebook tweaks she could be making to enhance her chances of getting business from Facebook and so I though I’d share them with you too.

I have created a video during my weekly Website Wednesday Facebook Live (930am every Wednesday over on my Facebook page) showing you how to action these tips and that can be found at the bottom of this post.

On your Facebook Personal Profile

1. Make sure your bio tells viewers what you do and who you do it for

When you click on your profile in Facebook, it shows your cover photo, your name and then your bio.  This bio is always public and so is an ideal place to share with others a quick intro to your business.  You only have 101 characters so you have to brief but why not share what you do so people who check out your profile know immediately.  Just click on Edit Profile and add your bio details.

2. Make sure your Work section links to your Facebook business page

So many times I have clicked on someone’s facebook profile to check them out (yes I am nosey!) only to find that their Work section is blank, which leaves me feeling frustrated and having to do some more digging if I really want to find out about their business.

Instead, it’s great to find a link to their Facebook business page, so I can easily get to the information I’m after.

Again just head to Edit Profile and then down to Customise Your Intro and click Edit.  Under Work, click on the + sign and choose Add a Workplace, then in the company name start to type your facebook business, make sure to use the exact same name you have given to your business page eg mine is @soswithsarah and your business page should come up in the drop down options.  Complete the rest of your business info and click Save.  Now when you go to your personal profile page, your Facebook business page will be listed for everyone to see.

5 simple facebook tips to get your more business

On Your Facebook Business Page

3. Make sure your Cover photo is clear and matches your business branding.  Make sure it is the correct size, so you are not missing parts of your image due to incorrect sizing and it is a good quality image.  Now this cover photo is just like any other image on Facebook, so when you click on it, it will open and you can add in a description!  A perfect way to give visitors a quick intro to your business and maybe you could add in a link to your website too!

4. Use the Call To Action button at the top of your page to your advantage.  When you click on this button it will give a varety of options you can choose from including…

– Contact Us – I use this one with a link to my website
– Follow – so people can follow your posts
– Book Now – you can link to an external booking system
– Call Now – if you want them to ring you to chat
– Send Message – if you want them to send you a DM
– Send Email – if you want them to email you
– Sign Up – send them to a link on your website so they can sign up for your newsletter

CTA button on Facebook Business page

5. Your About section – go and have a look at your About right now and check that it’s up-to-date with the correct information.  Make sure your telephone number is current, your website is accurate, your address is showing if you have a business where people come to see you, your email address works and add a brief description of what your business does, for who and what problems you solve in the More Info section.

It is your responsibility to make doing business with you as easy as possible and these 5 tips will help and may just get you some more business.

Let me know in the comments if this has been helpful