how to take high quality photos for your website on your phone - blog by Sarah Lynn

Using good quality photos on your website is absolutely essential, it can be the difference between your website looking really professional or kind of homemade.

When you’re creating a website you need to make sure that it is going to look good on all devices so whether that’s a mobile phone, a tablet, laptop or a Smart TV and obviously the quality of the photo needs to work on all devices.

When you look at a photo you have taken on your mobile phone it may look ok and this will be sufficient for Facebook and Instagram but when someone looks at your website on a laptop or Smart TV obviously the screen size is a lot bigger than a mobile and if the pictures aren’t good quality to start with they will just get stretched and end up looking grainy or blurry.


My top 10 tips on how to take good photos on your phone…

  1. Most important of all, take photos in daylight. Stand by a window or door so that your subject looks good. Make sure you are not standing in the light of your photos and causing shadows
  2. Don’t use the flash on your phone as this distorts the colours of your photo
  3. Make sure your lens is clean so you’re not taking photos through a blurry greasy lens.
  4. Always take photos using the front facing camera not the back facing one you would use for selfies.
  5. Make sure you take photos in landscape, so holding your phone lengthways not upright
  6. Don’t zoom in to take photos, zoom with your feet, you can always crop the photos afterwards
  7. Send the photos via email as they are without any alterations.
  8. If you have the option on your phone, focus on your subject then tap on the screen so that it becomes the main focus of the photo.
  9. Take more photos than you think you will need to give you a variety to choose from
  10. Keep your phone steady when taking photos by using 2 hands. Hold your breathe when you press the button to take the photo or invest in a tripod they are not expensive and will stop blurry photos from movement. I use a Fotopro Phone Tripod from Amazon and it works well for me as you can adjust the height.

Alternatively it would be worthwhile to invest in getting a professional photographer to take some decent photos for your website, and you can use them in your social media posts too. Or beg, borrow or steal (on second thoughts don’t steal that’s naughty!) a digital camera so you can take great quality photos that will make you proud of your website

I went through these tips during my weekly Website Wednesday Facebook Live (930am every Wednesday over on my Facebook page) and you can watch this below

Let me know how you get on and if you take any photos for your website that you are proud of, please let me know so I can see them

Till next time

Sarah x