Recently I was talking to one of my clients and she mentioned that although she was getting work at the moment, none of it was coming from her website, but all from word-of mouth.

Now we all know that word-of-mouth referrals are the best kind, when someone recommends you to someone they know, you are obviously doing something right, something that they love enough to spread the word about you.  However, word of mouth referrals are not generally in your control and having other means of generating business is key. 

Now the afore mentioned lady is a client of mine, who I upgraded her website for her last year and it went live last October, complete with an Online Booking system, an Online Shop and a Blog.  All functions I recommend to bring people back to your website time and time again.  So I did a little bit of digging to find out why she wasn’t getting business from her website.

A website is a tool in your marketing system.

And like any tool in your business toolbox, you need to use it on a regular basis in order for you to get the benefits from it.  I like to think of your website as the central hub of your marketing, linking to your social media platforms whatever you choose to use – your Facebook pages/groups, your Instagram account, your LinkedIn page , your Pinterest account, to your business cards, your flyers, your posters, your Google My Business page, to send customers to educate them, you get the idea.

When I checked through her Facebook page and personal profile, there is no where on any of her posts telling potential customers to book online via her website.  Her posts ask people to ring her or email her.  So they do.

There are no posts showing images of what is available on her online shop, or even a mention that she has one, so if people don’t know what she is selling why would they buy?

And the last blog (and the only blog) was pubished in Nov however there are no links to this blog post on her social media at all, inviting people to read it.

Now obviously social media isn’t the only way to share, however if your Ideal Clients are on social media, it seems wise to let them know what you have for them in the space they use. 

As a Small Business Owner – it is your job to remind people why they need to buy from you

Don’t make it hard for people to find you or buy from you, show up where they are and tell them how to do it!

7 Tips To Keep Your Website In Front Of Your Ideal Clients


1. If you share a review on your social media, tell your readers where they can go to get the same experience.  Include a link to your online booking system or to your contact page if you don’t have an online booking system like the example below…

Customer Review

“I would highly recommend you go and see ** if you want to solve your ** problem.  She is so lovely, she completely understood what I wanted to achieve and I got the result I wanted.”
Your Customer Name

** If you would like to get the same results as ** above, then book in for a ** appointment/package at 

2. Create new content on your website regularly and tell people about it, with a link to your website so that people can find it.  This could be a blog, a new offer, a new page, a new video or a facebook live like mine above but don’t forget to share the link so they can easily find it.


3. Tell your potential customers what you have to offer them – if you sell products, gift vouchers online or downloadable ebooks/audios, share a photo with the link to the correct page on your website.


4. When someone wants to book in with you, suggest that they use your online booking system “so you can find an appointment time and date that works for you”  Give them the link.  If you do this with several customers per week it will save you hours of time over the month freeing your from the “when is suitable for you” conversation plus they pay you before they arrive (depending on your setup).


5. Share your experiences and knowledge in blog posts on your website, make them relevant to your Ideal Client, and then share away.  If its information they will find helpful they will remember you more.


6. Put your After Care information on your website and give customers a link to the correct page so they can read what they should do after an experience with you.  It could be how to look after your flowers or your jewellery or how to get the most out of your reflexology session.


7. Create a checklist of information your Ideal Clients would find useful and put the link on your business cards and flyers.  If you integrate it with your email provider, you can collect their emails as well so you can tell them when you have other information available that they may find useful.


There are lots of different ways to remind people to go to your website, both when you are in-person with them or when you are online but to re-iterate it is your job and your responsibility to tell them what you offer, where to find it and how to buy from you.

** Your Takeaway Task **

Look back through your last 5 social media posts relating to your business and see if there is a way to link what you have said with information that is already on your website and if so, edit your post and add a link to the correct page/post.  And if there isn’t information on your website about what you said, maybe you have just found your next blog post topic!

Let me know how you get on in the comments below.

Til next time, love and hugs

Sarah x