Terms and Conditions

References in this policy to “I”, “our”, “we”, “us” or “Simple Online Solutions” are referring to Simple Online Solutions.

Please also read our Privacy Policy which explains our GDPR compliance, including how we use and store your personal data.


It is not necessary for the Client to have signed an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions for them to apply. Any acceptance of a quote or instruction to progress with work will be deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


Simple Online Solutions services may be used for lawful purposes only. You agree to indemnify and hold Simple Online Solutions harmless from any claims resulting from your use of our service that damages you or any other party.


Services are paid for 50% deposit (non refundable) and balance must be paid within 14 days of completion of website. Whilst we will always endeavour to be flexible and work with our Clients when possible, Simple Online Solutions reserves the right to dispose of websites or services supplied if not paid within this timescale.


Simple Online Solutions will endeavour to meet the proposed timescale, but will not be held responsible for any delays. Website projects can change during the design process and technical issues can slow the process down. Delays are also caused by slow Client responses. Simple Online Solutions will, however, work hard to meet the deadline.


Whilst Simple Online Solutions will always work diligently for their Client, with the success of the Client’s business being forefront, we take no responsibility for any negative effect of the work undertaken.

Website Content

It is the responsibility of the Client to check all website content carefully. Simple Online Solutions will not be held responsible for any errors.

Website Imagery

Any imagery given to Simple Online Solutions as content for the website will be assumed to be copyright-free.

Website Legal Information

It is the responsibility of the Client to provide and thoroughly check all the legal information on their website, including Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Website Hosting

Simple Online Solutions does not take responsibility for any downtime of websites. We choose our hosting carefully, but ultimately this is out of our control.

Domain Renewals

Domain renewals are the responsibility of the client.

Website Transfer

Simple Online Solutions take no responsibility for any issues that arise during website transfer.

Website Functionality

Simple Online Solutions does not take responsibility for any errors in website functionality. Whilst we are diligent in our work, technology is constantly changing which can effect website functions. It is the Client’s responsibility to inform Simple Online Solutions of any website errors. Monthly maintenance plans are recommended to keep the website updated. Over time websites will likely need to be rebuilt in order to keep up with technological advances.

Website Amendments Made by Other Parties

Any issues caused by amendments made to the website outside of Simple Online Solutions (ie. if the Client or one of their contacts is amending the website) are the sole responsibility of the Client. Whilst we will endeavour to correct the issue, we cannot guarantee that the issue will be solved and the client will bear all costs for Simple Online Solution’s work relating to the issue.

Simple Online Solutions strives to ensure websites work on all major browsers and devices, but with the high volume of browsers and screen sizes available, there is room for error. Simple Online Solutions test websites on the popular choices but cannot guarantee correct functionality across all browsers and devices.

Website Lifespan

If you are using our monthly website update services, we will continue to keep your website up-to-date with modern technologies as much as possible. However, there will likely come a time when your website technology (and likely the design and functionality) becomes outdated. It would then likely need a full new website (at full cost).

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss your website please see the Contact page for relevant information.