Your Customer Journey - The During and After stages

So continuing with Your Customer Journey.  This blog is dedicated to the second and third parts of Your Customer Journey – the During and After Stages.  If you haven’t already read and read and watched the Before Stage I would highly recommend you do.

The During Stage

This stage of your client journey begins the moment the client has decided they want to want to work with you and ends the moment they leave.  This stage includes the onboarding/consultation process, your service(s) and/or product, checkout and rescheduling attempts made on the premise or upselling/cross-selling if its on a virtual shop.

The first part of your During stage includes before the arrive.  Think about how you can make the next step seem easy, effortless and organised.  Maybe you can remind them of their upcoming time with you via a text or email or calling them on the phone. 

Sending a Welcome letter or package with all the information they may need about their upcoming session(s) with you.  This could include your business address, how to contact you, what to do before their time with you, how to cancel/reschedule should they need to.  I will go into this in more detail in an upcoming blog – check back in October for this or signup for my email newsletter and I will let you know when its live.

In my video I talk about other tasks you can try to make sure that the During stage goes according to plan.  And if you want a handy free checklist then just pop your name and email in the form below and you will get instant access to it.

Also part of your During stage is the time your customer is actually with you.  Starting from arriving at your business premises if its face-to-face, is it easy to find, can they park easily and safely.  Does your business premise have a sign to say they are at the correct place.

Basic and common sense steps include greeting them with a smile, using their name and making eye contact.  As you welcome them to their session with you, what can your customer see, smell, hear as they come in.  Offering refreshments if appropriate whilst taking them through what is what is going to happen during your time together, what they should and shouldn’t do and setting expectations at the outset, helps your time together to flow well and ensures they leave satisfied with the outcome at the end.

I’m assuming that you are qualified and educated in whatever service you are offering and that this part of your session you can handle well without my guidance and as always they receive the same high level of service whether its their first time or their hundredth is key.  I have found that customers like consistency, so making sure you do the same elements of the service each time, creates a consistent feel.

The After Stage

This stage of the client journey begins the moment the client exits your space to the moment they rebook, return or repurchase.  This stage includes any follow-up communications and attempts to get the client to rebook or purchase again.

This is arguably the most neglected segment of the client journey. Too many business owners focus so heavily on attracting new clients and treating them well, but then not enough attention is given to how a client is treated when they leave.

Once a customer has bought from you and worked with you, of course subject to them enjoying the experience they had with you the first time around, it is much easier to get them to do so again in comparison to getting a new customer in the first place.

So making sure you have a follow-up plan in place is key to keeping and retaining existing customers.

Checking in with them soon after their session with you to make sure they are feeling ok is key.  Sending them a text or email or giving them a ring to ensure all is ok gives you the opportunity to get some valuable feedback and allows you to answer any questions that your customer may have  since leaving you.

If they have not rebooked your services, reminding them from time to time that you are still around by sending them an email newsletter or texts, will gently bring you and your business to mind so that when they are ready to rebook you will be the first they think about.

Watch my video for tips or get your hands on my free checklist to ensure you aren’t leaving this important part our of your customer journey plans.

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