Website Maintenance

After creating your website and getting it just the way you want it, you want to keep it that way, so you need to make sure you regularly maintain your website.

Keeping your WordPress website up-to-date behind the scenes is imperative in order to keep your website working well.  I can keep your website, themes and plugins up-to-date as well as perform essential backups to safeguard your website.

I highly recommend keeping your site up-to-date as not only does it ensure your website is working correctly and the way you want it to but it also it deters hackers from accessing your site.  When WordPress bring out a new update to their system, there is a window of opportunity that hackers use to try and get into other people’s sites and cause havoc (really not sure why or what pleasure they get from it, to be honest!) until the website is updated to the new version.  The same can be said about plugins/themes etc.

Additionally, sometimes plugins go out-of-date and are not maintained and updated in line with the WordPress system and in this case, it may be appropriate to find a different plugin to achieve the same functionality.

Website Maintenance & TLC (monthly)

Basic Maintenance – £30.00

Includes daily backup of the website, updating all systems, themes and plugins to ensure your website is up-to-date and 45 mins of website changes per month

Need more assistance during the month with your website?

Just send any changes you require on your site and leave the rest to me. I can customise your website, create blogs, create newsletters, add pages, update content, add forms, add e-commerce products/services – in fact anything your website needs or I can talk you through doing them if you’d prefer to learn how to do them yourself.


Content Creation Plan (as per Basic Maintenance + Admin Time of your choice)

  • 90 mins – £50
  • 120 mins – £60
  • For 2+hrs please contact me for price