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When was the last time you updated your website?

This morning I logged into the dashboard of one of my maintenance client’s websites and they needed 7 updates, and that’s since Monday when I last updated it!

Maintaining a WordPress website involves much more than simply publishing audience-friendly content and designing pages. Keeping your WordPress site updated is essential—not just for new features but also for the health and safety of your website.

Here’s why regular maintenance should be on your to-do list:

1. Stay Safe from Hackers

Outdated themes, plugins, or WordPress itself can make your site a target for attacks. Regular updates fix security holes and keep your data secure.


2. Keep Your Site Speedy

Old software can slow down your site. Updates ensure everything runs smoothly and quickly, enhancing user experience and keeping your visitors happy.


3. Avoid Compatibility Issues

When WordPress updates, plugins and themes must follow. If they don’t, you might see glitches or crashes. Regular updates keep everything working together.


4. Boost Your Features

Updates can bring new functionalities that improve how your site looks and works. Don’t miss out on handy new tools that could enhance your website.


5. Better SEO

Search engines love fast, secure, and well-maintained sites. Regular updates help boost your rankings, making your site easier to find.


6. Save Money and Stress

Ignoring updates can lead to big problems later, which might be expensive and stressful to fix. Regular checks can save you both time and money.


Non-Negotiable Tasks 

So, think of updates as a regular health check for your website. They keep it secure, fast, and functioning at its best. Regular maintenance and updates are non-negotiable tasks of managing a WordPress website. Make sure to schedule regular updates in your diary. Remember, the stability and security of your website depend heavily on these routine upkeep practices.

Alternatively, why not pass that on to someone else like me, so you can concentrate on what you do best?

Maintenance and Care Plans

Suppose you haven’t got one of my Managed Website Packages. In that case, my maintenance and care plans for WordPress websites start from £30 per month and include off-site daily backups, twice-weekly updates and maintenance and all of my plans include “admin minutes” where I can make changes to your existing website such as updating photos, wording, adding blogs etc.

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