Why you should use a Client Welcome Packet in your business

So a new client is starting with you.  Yay! It’s a time to rejoice as you look forward to working with a new client.  And then you remember you have to on-board them!  In this blog post I’m going to be covering all things about Client Welcome Pack’s including what they are, the benefits of having one, what to include and how to create one of your own.

What is a Client Welcome Pack

So firstly, what is a Client Welcome Pack.  Basically it is a handy guide that you can use to welcome your new client into your business and thank them for choosing you.  You can reassure your client that they have made the right decision in working with you.  You can set boundaries and manage client expectations as well as outlining all the important details in a clear and organised way.

The Benefits of a Client Welcome Pack

You only get 1 chance to make a good first impression or so they say, so why not start off on the right foot by providing your new clients with a pack welcoming to your business containing all the important things they need to know in one place.


The Benefits

  • It gives a great first impression
  • It shows you take your business professionally
  • It allows you to include all important information in one place such as your Terms of Conditions, Cancellation policy etc
  • It allows you to set healthy boundaries and expectations from the beginning
  • Sets you apart from your competitors who don’t do this
  • Saves time by helping you to streamline your client onboarding process
  • A Welcome Pack can be an inexpensive but practical way of starting your relationship with your client.
  • It gives you the opportunity to cross-sell your other services and products

What to include in a Client Welcome Pack

This of course is only my opinion of what to include, feel free to leave out or add in sections as you feel appropriate but my top 7 sections are…

  1. Welcome Letter
  2. Your Process
  3. What you need from them
  4. How they can contact you
  5. FAQ (Optional)
  6. Payment Details
  7. Handy Resources

Please remember Welcome Pack’s should be simple and straight to the point.  This isn’t a place to talk about you, its about providing your client with all the information they need in one handy place and building your relationship.

1. Welcome letter

A letter or note welcoming them onboard and thanking them for choosing you to work with.  Letting them know how much you are looking forward to working with them.  

You can include what they will find in the Welcome Pack and point out any important documents that they need to note. 

It’s good to let them know how to contact you, your opening hours and how long they can expect to wait before they hear back from you to set expectations from the start.


Welcome Client Packet - Welcome Letter


2. Your process

No matter what type of service(s) you offer, I have no doubt that you have a process of delivering the outcome your client is looking for.

Outline these steps so that the client can understand what to expect in the time they work with you.  Keep it simple and in words that you client can understand.  Give them an overview of each step rather than specific details.


Welcome Client Packet - Our Process


3. What you need from them

This page is important.  You need to outline here what you need from your client, before you begin to work together and during your time together.

This may include signing any contracts, completing forms or questionnaires or provide you with files you may need in order to start with them.

Adding a gentle reminder that you will require feedback a long the way, to ensure the goal they want to achieve is reached, can also manage expectations


Client Welcome Packet - what we need from you


4. How they can contact you

This page is fairly simple.

How do you want your clients to contact you? Phone, email, WhatsApp, Zoom etc

What days and hours do you work?

You can use this page to set some boundaries around contacting you if you wish, if you only take calls before 6pm and not on weekends, state this here.  Let them know how long you will take to contact them back so that they are aware from the outset.

If you have an online booking system, include the link here

And don’t forget to include your social media links to any pages or groups they may find helpful

Client Welcome Pack - Contact Details


5. FAQ’s

This page may be optional, as you may have covered everything you need to say already and if so leave this page out.

However if you get the same questions coming up time and time again you may want to answer these from the outset.  Think about any questions you get asked a lot by your clients and answer them here.  You can bet if more than one person has asked you, its worth sharing the answer here upfront.

Keep it simple and in words your client will understand.

Client Welcome Pack - FAQs


6. Payment details

In this section you can explain how your payment process works and the options available to them

How can your client pay you?

What payment methods do you offer?

If you are offering a payment plan, when are the due dates and the amounts due.

What happens if they don’t pay on time?

Make paying you easy!

Client Welcome Pack - Payment Process

7. Handy resources

There may be some handy resources or information that you provide to your clients as a value add-on.  Where can they find these? On your website? Give them the links

You can also include important documents such as your contract, your terms of business and your privacy policy.  And you may decide to add in a little gift in keeping with your business.  Maybe chocolates, a gratitude journal, fluffy socks, crystals, bunch of flowers – you know your business best so include what you know your ideal client will appreciate.

How to create your Client Welcome Pack

So know you know what to include in your Welcome Pack, how do you go about creating one?

Depending on your skill level you can create your Welcome Pack in a Word document or Pages if you’re on a Mac.  Or you could use software such as Canva to put it altogether. 

You could also add it as hidden page on your website and give new clients the link so that all the information is in one place without them having to look for it.

Putting together a Welcome Pack from scratch could take you awhile but  in my opinion it will be worth it in the long run.  Just think all the important information in one place in one handy pack, no more forgetting anything to give to the client – a definite win in my eyes!

If you want to save time and effort and still allow you to customise it to your business needs, you can use a template.  And to help you with this I have created one for you in Canva.

I love using Canva and use it daily in my business for myself and for my clients.  There is a free version which this template is created on or there is also a pro version.  I have the Pro version and at £99 for the year (for upto 5 people if you have a team) or £10.99 a month its a no-brainer in my eyes.

Anyway, I have created a 21 page Client Welcome Packet template which is completely customisable to your business and its available from my shop now. It comes with an instruction video, where I show you how to make the template your own from colours, fonts, layout and photos, you can design it yourself without the hard work of creating it in the first place. I have used some of the images in this blog post so you can see how you may decide to lay out your pack.

So what do you think? Do you think a Client Welcome Packet may be of benefit in your business? Let me know in the comments below

Until next time


Sarah x

Client Welcome Packet - Canva template