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So today we are going to be talking about blogs and why we should be blogging. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of the terms blog, blog post and blogging, but do you know what they mean? Or how they can improve or impact your life from a business point of view?

Not sure, then read on…

So first of all – What is a blog?

A blog quite simply is your thoughts, views or guidance on a particular topic that you choose to write down on an online diary or journal found on your website, that you share with the public.  The content of your blog can include words, photos, videos, animated GIFS, etc.  These blog posts are normally stored in reverse chronological order so that the most recent is listed at the top.

When a blog is made public, it can be read by anyone on the internet by sharing links to the blog post in your social media, your emails, your texts, your email newsletters and by searching for keywords that they are interested in.

I’m sure you have googled something by typing in just a couple of words about the topic you are interested in and then click on the search results.  Those words that you have typed in are called keywords and by using keywords in your blog posts it will help people interested in what you have to say, find you out there on the world wide web!

Is a blog different to a website?

It can be confusing as some people use the terms blog and website interchangeably but the difference is that a blog is a specific page on your website that contains many blog posts.  Someone may say they have visited a blog when actually what they have done is visited the blog page of a website. I hope that helps

So why should I blog?

Well you’ve created your website, you’ve designed it just the way you want it to be, you are really proud of what you’ve achieved but unless you tell people about it, unfortunately they are quite probably not going to find it (unless they are specifically googling you). 

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By blogging you are creating new pieces of content on your website on a regular basis, including the content keywords that your audience will be looking for, and sharing this with a wider audience. Google recognises this and so moves your website up the search results list presuming that what you have to say is relevant and other audience members searching for those keywords may like it too.

This is one reason why its good to blog but there are many more reasons you should blog on a regular basis…

Blogs on your website can be a very powerful way to …

  • Show you are an authority and an expert in your particular subject.
  • Allow you to share your knowledge with other interested parties.
  • It helps you to build relationships with people who may like your products/services and in time may want to buy from you.
  • You can help people with their problems.
  • You give people a reason to come back to your website time and time again.
  • You are getting found online and  being visible in the online world.
  • As mentioned above it boosts SEO and moves you up the google rankings list

So many reasons why you should blog 😊

The thought of blogging puts a lot of people off because they don’t know what to blog on and don’t know “how” to physically blog, how to get the words on the post and make them appear on your website but don’t worry my upcoming workshop Blogging for Business will help you with that…

Blogging for business online workshop

Upcoming Workshop –
Blogging for Business

  • Would you like to write blogs for your business but you’ve been putting it off?
  • Does the thought of blogging scare you?
  • You know you should be blogging, but don’t know where to start or what to blog about.
  • Then this workshop is for you! Join me for 2 hours of online learning via Zoom

Thursday 29th February 2024 10am-12pm

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