Hello and welcome! My name is Sarah Lynn and I’m your host here at Simple Online Solutions. I’m a IT Geek, a WordPress Website Lover, a Holistic Therapist, an Emotions Expert and a Gin Lover who loves supporting and motivating other small business owners and therapists

I’m a mum, wife, holistic practitioner and entrepreneur and a Taurus (stubborn, impatient but loyal, practical and reliable). I am passionate about helping small business owners like you to get online with a website they love and that helps you grow your business in the way that makes you feel happy.

Many, many years ago I qualified with a BTEC in Computer Studies in my local college and from there went on to be a Computer Manager in a large solicitors practice in Swansea, which I loved.

Sarah Lynn owner of Simple Online Solutions

I even created them their own Client database system with mail merge facilities for all their correspondence, which one of the solicitors sold to other practices and I would go out and train them in it!  Then I went onto be a software trainer, teaching other legal firms how to use packages like Word, Excel and Powerpoint so I have always been an IT lover.

Fast forward 10 yrs and with a life curve I decided to train as a reflexologist and become self employed and that’s when I got to put my IT skills to use for myself.  Creating my own business cards and leaflets, gift vouchers, I was in my element.

Having not created a website before, at the start of my self employed years, I remember paying a friend £50 to create me a website which was clunky, awful and didn’t do anything for my business at all, but I remember being so chuffed I was “online” (remember this was 15+ yrs ago).  Next I paid £500 for a designer to create a website for me, which whilst looked better, I couldn’t understand well enough to amend anything or add to it, so everytime I needed an amendment I had to go back to them, and of course had to pay for the privilege.

So then I decided to take the bull by the horns and teach myself how to make my very own website.  With lots of sweat, tears and swear words, I did it! I created my very own WordPress website and I was super proud of myself.  And since then as technology has improved at an amazing pace, I’ve realised how much I love creating websites.
At first I started out helping other therapists and friends by creating websites for them, and I kept getting the same feedback, “you should do this for a living”.

Another side curve threw me for a couple of years but in 2019 after creating several websites in a row, I thought why not! I love it, I’m good at it and there’s a need for it, so here I am – Simple Online Solutions with Sarah offering websites to sole traders and small businesses who aren’t really friends with technology and who want someone to do the IT bit for them.

And this blog is a mix of practical tips and techniques and a sprinkle of woo-woo to get you moving!

I look forward to writing more posts for you

Hugs Sarah x