The benefits of selling gift vouchers - why you should be using this service in your business

Do you sell gift vouchers in your business? In this blog I’m going to share with your why, if your a small business, you should definitely be offering this service to your customers.

I’m going to share with you today 

  • Advantages to you the business owner
  • The advantages to your customer
  • The types of gift vouchers you can have
  • How to create gift vouchers
  • How to take payment online

Gift vouchers have the potential to drive incredible growth to your business, increase your customer loyalty and widen your target market.

Gift Vouchers are fairly easy to create and can be setup for monetary amounts or as packages of your services and/or products.  With lots of people looking to provide more than just a present, creating “experiences” that you can sell to your customers is a great way of show casing what you can offer, whether that’s combining a range of your services and products to create a lasting experience.

You can take payments offline/in-person or online, making it easy for buyers to purchase.

Promoting gift vouchers is a great way of showcasing your products, services and packages around what people can experience at your business.

They allow you to promote anything that is different about your business – enabling you to stand out from your competitors.  Think about combining some of your services and/or products to create an unique experience to make what you are offering different.

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Advantages to you the business owner

  • Increase Visibility of your business to new customers – when someone purchases a gift voucher from you, they are recommending your business and so there is a good chance that the receiver will use the voucher
  • Increase sales and potential future sales too – if receiver likes the product/service they receive they may buy again and become long term customers.  Don’t forget to get their email so you can let them know about special offers, new services and products.
  • Boost income.   Due to the nature of gift vouchers, around seasonal times such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day you will see an increase in income but not necessarily an increase in services.
  • They can be automated so you can sell them 24/7.  If you have a booking system that allows you to purchase gift vouchers and redeem them this can be setup to automatically
  • Increase brand awareness – Make sure you present your well designed and brand co-ordinated voucher in a way that promotes your business.  As these have a value they will be treasured more than a plain business card.
  • Gift vouchers expire. I have read that last year over 30% of gift vouchers were not used.  Now whilst I know you would love to gain the new customer and have the chance to show off your services or products, however if the voucher is not used or used fully, payment does not have to be reimbursed to buyer. 
  • Small spaces – gift vouchers take up very little room so you can sell them anywhere.  If you are mobile take them with you.  You can liase with other local businesses and ask if they would stock them for you or even reach out to online businesses for the same reason as they only need space for a link back to your online shop.  Many business would welcome the chance to offer their customers something different.

Advantages to your customers

  • Flexibility – even though gift vouchers have an expiry date – they do not have a specific date when they need to be used, so allowing the receiver to decide when they want to use voucher.
  • Gives Buyer Choice – It allows buyer to choose from a range of prices/experiences/packages so easy to choose within their budget
  • Personalised Gift – Buyers can choose to add a message or name, making it personalised.
  • Ease of Delivery – Depending on whether you choose to have physical gift vouchers or online e-vouchers, can be purchased 24/7.  If physical can be posted anywhere in the world, can easily fit through letter box.  If e-vouchers can be emailed anywhere in the world so great as a last minute gift.
  • Boost Customer Loyalty – when their loved one comes to redeem their voucher and has a great experience it makes them look and feel good too!

Types of Gift Vouchers

  • Physical – Usually made of card or plastic, these vouchers can be given physically to the recipient.  They can be posted to the buyer or the receiver.  In larger stores they will normally have a barcode, or a magnetic strip that can be scanned at the cashdesk.  In smaller businesses these can be handed to business owner at time of service.
  • E-Voucher – stands for electronic voucher, these can be purchased via a company’s website or booking system and can be redeemed online or in-store.  See below for ways to take payment

How to create your own Gift Vouchers

Physical Vouchers

  • Create your gift voucher using Canva  and download as a JPG and have printed by local printer or online printer or download as PDF and send as via email
  • If you are not tech savvy and want an easy way to create a personalised gift voucher, I have created a template which can be edited in Canva, which can be found in my Online Shop.  This template allows you to create gift vouchers you can download as a JPG and print as a physical version or customise the voucher with the receipients details and email as a PDF.  It’s just £10.00 so won’t break the bank and includes an instructional video too.
  • Create your voucher using an online printers such as Vistaprint
  • Make yourself pretty handmade cards – I started this way many moons ago, I created a card with a pretty embelishment on the front and printed off an insert and my clients could choose from which design they wanted.


  • Use third party software such as Robovoucher – starts from $12 a month for upto 5 types of vouchers, upto 50 vouchers per month
  • Add function to your booking system  if they allow it – Acuity, Simply Book Me
  • SumUp – If Gift Card Enabled – can share link on website/social media.  Customer buys voucher – SumUp emails e-voucher to recipient.
  • Add function to your website – if you have a WordPress website, the easiest way is to install WooCommerce, you can add then add a Gift Voucher as a  variable product (so your buyer can choose what amount/package they want) then post out physical gift voucher in post or email as a PDF.  This won’t cost you anything.  Extra tip you may want to add the plugin – Flexible Checkout Fields for WooCommerce if you want to add an information box on your checkout so that your buyers can let you know the recipients name, address, email etc. so you can send the voucher to them.

Alternatively if you have a WordPress website and want to add e-voucher functionality, here are 4 plugins you can checkout.  All have free and paid versions.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards – can create printable or e-voucher vouchers and allow customers to personalise – Free and Paid version £129.99 per year

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards – printable PDF or e-voucher – Free and Paid version $59 per year

Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards – Can send evoucher via WhatsApp, SMS and email.  Downloads as PDF’s to print or send via email. $69 per year – currently got 15% off

GiftUp – No monthly fees, no setup fees – charge per voucher – add to your website – Create email gift vouchers – can be scheduled – or take payment then send physical vouchers.  They charge 3.49% plus your processors fees – Paypal, Stripe or Squarespace

Paypal Buttons – Create your button inside of paypal and add the code to a button on your website.  You can then take payment over your website and send  the voucher via PDF using email or post out if using physical version.

* Top Tip *

If you sell vouchers on your website make sure your buyers can find them easily.  Put the link on main menu or on your home page “Buy Your Gift Vouchers Here” – don’t hide it away or make it difficult to find.  Buyers want to hop on your website, buy the voucher and get on with their life.  Make it easy for them!

So I hope that gives you lots of reasons why you should be selling gift vouchers in you business.  It’s a multi billion pound industry, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be a part of it.

If you have any questions or need help setting up your gift vouchers, please do get in touch.


Sarah xx

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