Reverse Engineer your business - roadmap with point 1 Start point 2 midway point 3 Finish with arrow pointing to 3 saying start here

For the last couple of months, I have been looking at my business for gaps.  You know those pesky little gaps in your business where money and customers could be trickling away slowly but over time they make a significant difference.  The gaps that leave you feeling emotionally uneasy. And I had an “a-ha” light-bulb moment when I was re-introduced to the benefits of Reverse Engineering your business.

I’d heard about it many years ago when I heard Ben Hunt- Davis doing a talk about his book “Will it make the boat go faster?” about an Olympic rower who used reverse engineering to win a gold medal.  But you know when sometimes you hear something for a 2nd or 3rd (or 4th or 5th) time and suddenly the penny drops!  That is what happened to me.

Working forward towards a goal

For lots of people when they start their business, they start at the beginning and work forwards towards a goal, which I have done for all of my businesses.  However, moving forward sometimes makes for a bunch of services and products that you can offer to your customers that are mismatched and aren’t aligned with your goals or the needs/wants of your audience.

Let me explain.  When I first started out as a holistic therapist way back in 2002, I qualified in Reflexology which I absolutely loved (and still do) but clients were scarce so instead of learning how to market my business I learnt Indian Head Massage.  Then I learnt Swedish Massage.  Then I learnt beauty treatments. Then I learnt Bach Flower Remedies, EFT etc etc etc.  I was like a magpie going after the next shiny thing!  Always slightly disappointed when the skill I had learned didn’t really benefit me, my clients, or my business.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

However, in hindsight, if I were to do it again, knowing that my ideal clients suffered from Fibromyalgia.  I would qualify only in Reflexology, EFT and Bach Flowers and go deep into these treatments and the benefits they can bring to my Fibro clients rather than going wide and offering services they wouldn’t benefit from.  I would also have concentrated on learning marketing skills so I could actually sell those services.

I could have saved myself thousands of pounds in course fees, and hours of learning.  I could have provided better results for my clients sooner Plus I would have worked with more of the clients I loved working with so would have felt fulfilled and I wouldn’t have had constant feast or famine moments.

By starting at the end, you can make really strategic decisions for your business.

By reanalysing my business I now know I love problem solving and I love building websites with features and functionality that help to solve those problems.  I know I love working with small business owners who have been in business for a couple of years so they know what they are selling and why. They know who their audience is. They have their branding in place.  They aren’t friends with technology although they know they need it to make their business efficient and effective.  They may have dabbled in online marketing but it’s not really working for them. They don’t have an existing website or they may already have a website that really isn’t helping their business to be more efficient and more profitable.

So now I know this I can reverse engineer what I offer to ensure I’m attracting the right kind of audience who want the solutions and results I can provide.

Marketing your business is hard enough, so you want to make sure the ones you are attracting actually want what you offer, are clients you love to work with and have the means and desire to pay for it.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Think about your current business for a minute…

  • Think about the solutions you provide in the way of your current services and products.  Which ones do you love offering?  Which ones do you hate but do them anyway?
  • Think about your ideal clients, the ones you love working with, what are their problems and their challenges.
  • Can you help them get the results they want with the current services/products you have?
  • Are they willing and able to pay you for the results/ transformation you can provide?
  • Does your current way of marketing online attract the people you want?
  • Where are the gaps?
  • What do you need to do to fill those gaps?

Starting from the end – what do you want to sell more of and what results do you want to help people achieve – allows you to make great decisions easily about your business.

Where are your gaps?

Once you know where the gaps are you can set out to fill those gaps as soon as possible

You know:

  • What gaps need filling in your skill levels
  • What gaps need filling in your marketing
  • You know what questions to ask
  • You know what to talk about
  • You know how your website should look and feel
  • You know what photos and words to use on your website/social media that will capture their attention.
  • You know what to write about in your blogs
  • You know what lead magnets you need to create to attract the perfect audience for you that leads them to the solutions you provide
  • And importantly you also know what or who to say No to.  No more FOMO or shiny object syndrome. No more saying yes when you should be saying no. No more spending your money and time on “things” that aren’t aligned with your end goal.

Because of starting at the end, I am slowly readjusting my business.  Like a pilot who adjusts the course of her plane, now I know my destination I can make strategic decisions – watch this space!

I’d love to know if you’ve used reversed-engineered methods in your business or personal life or if you are thinking about it, now I’ve mentioned it.  Just drop me an email at I’d love to know what you think

PS – Sometimes having someone looking at your business with fresh eyes can be super helpful, so if you need help reverse engineering your website and online marketing, please get in touch for a Strategy Session.  We will look at where you are now, and where you want to be and discover those gaps. Then you will leave with a clear plan, broken down into steps to move forward.