Image of pc on a wooden desk with white screen and words "my website is not working for me, I'm thinking of closing it down"

Today I went live over on my Facebook page talking about websites or more accurately about websites being closed down!

I have recently been talking to lots of people  about their websites and the same school of thought appears to be showing up time and time again “my website is not working for me, I’m thinking of closing it down”

Aargh! Now as a website designer, nothing feels me with horror more than those words!

After spending money, time and effort (even for the most basic of websites) because “it’s not working for you” you are going to throw it away??  Please don’t!

My suggestion to you is instead…

Why not evaluate exactly why it’s not working for you right now?

What do you want your website to help you to achieve in your business?  What goals do you have in place that your website can help with?

For a lot of small business owners, it’s getting more sales and more customers.  But you may have another goal in mind.

Maybe you want to become the go-to person in your local area for your speciality.  Maybe you want to build your email list.

There are many many things you can do to improve your website but having a good look at where you are starting from and what you want to achieve allows you to formulate a smart plan.

If you have visitors already coming to your website

For example, if you know you have the traffic coming to your website because you have checked your Google Analytics or traffic stats but those visitors aren’t sticking around or becoming clients, maybe you need to look at…

  • Does your website talk to your ideal client’s pain points?
  • Do you share information that is helpful and useful to your ideal client?
  • Is it easy to find that information?
  • Do you offer them something they want and can use to get a quick win in the shape of a lead magnet in exchange for their name and email address so you can contact them once they have left your website?

If you need more visitors to come to your website

If you haven’t got the number of visitors going to your website to start with, think about how you can increase the number of people who find your website…

  • Include a CTA taking them to your website in your social media posts
  • Include a link to your website on your business cards
  • Include a link to a specific page on your website on your social media profile/bio
  • Write blog posts that are interesting and useful to your ideal client and tell them about them.  Make it easy and give them the link to the blog so they can check it out.  And don’t be afraid to do this more than once, life is busy.
  • Ensure you use keywords or phrases that your ideal client is googling on your website.

I know I create websites so I am a bit biased, but it seems such a shame to throw away something you have worked hard on because it’s not working for you right now.  With an honest evaluation, a few tweaks and regular updates to your website, it can become a major asset in your business.

If all of this sounds like your worst nightmare why not get in touch, websites are my jam and I’d love to help you get your website working for you.

Book a Strategy Session with me and we can spend time evaluating your website, and formulating a plan based on your goals so you have a step-by-step guide to take away with you, on what to do next to move towards your goals. 

And if you’d rather sit in a bath full of beans for 3 hours than log in to your website, then let me do it for you.

Whether you want to go it alone or get my help and support to make it quicker and easier, whatever you decide to do, please don’t close your website down, make it work for you.

Have a fab week


Sarah x