Simple Online Solutions 12 step website design process - image of white keyboard with blue button saying Website Design

Here is my 12-step Website Design Process.  These are the steps that you can expect when you are working with me in Simple Online Solutions to create your website


Step 1 – Discovery call (Free zoom call – 15/30 mins)

Discovering what you want from your website and online marketing – and whether we are compatible to work together.  This can be booked on my Online Booking page


Step 2 – Marketing Therapy Session (paid zoom call – 90- mins)

During this session, we will discuss what goals you want to achieve with your website and online marketing. Understanding what’s most important about what you do and what your priorities are.  Where you are starting from, and what processes are missing.  Introducing you to the next steps you need to take in your business.  Providing you with clarity and direction so that you’ll know exactly what you need, what you don’t need, and what’ll be required to make the project successful. This is a standalone offering and you can walk away after the session, with no obligation to buy from me (although I obviously hope you do!).


Step 3 – Scope Process

Use information sourced during Steps 1 & 2 and determine what pages and features are needed to fulfil your goals. Sitemap creation


Step 4 – Quote

If the decision is to work together, my quote will be drafted and sent based on information in Steps 1-3


Step 5 – Initial Payment made and Contract signed


Step 6 – Design Process

Discovering your basic design concepts, likes/dislikes, brand boards, websites they love/hate, competitor sites, website layout preferences etc.


Step 7 – Website Content

You will be sent a Copy Strategy Guide for you to complete, and you are advised where to upload all media and graphics


Step 8 – Website Build

This is where I pull everything together and build the website utilising the information and elements from steps 1-3 & 6-7. There are 2 revision opportunities at this stage:

Revision 1 Opportunity

The first revision happens once I have the first draft of the site laid out. We meet via zoom, so you can see the general design and we alter the direction if need be.  I make any revisions you request and complete the design.

Revision 2 Opportunity

Just before launch, we have a second revision meeting where we can make any final tweaks.


Step 9 – Site is launched

Final payment is made, and your website is launched


Step 10 – Website Training

60/90 mins (depending on package) training scheduled and completed via zoom.  During this session, I can show you how to make basic edits to your website based on your ongoing requirements


Step 11 – 30 days of Basic Maintenance Plan

Each website package includes 30 days of free Basic Maintenance Plan.  This also includes 15 mins of admin tweaks (amending copy and photos) to help with your peace of mind and to allow for any small changes needed once your website has been launched


Step 12 – Maintenance Plan/Content Plan starts

Subject to your requirements, if you want me to continue to Maintain your website and/or add content such as blogs or products to your online shop, your monthly subscription starts now