SOS Saturday Series
- Imagine a day without the internet - image of sandwich board on street with wifi icon with a cross over it

Imagine a day without the internet.

Did you breathe a sigh of relief or did you shudder at the thought?

Step back in time

Whatever you feel about today’s digital age, can you picture running your business without being online? It might seem like a step back in time, a time when your business’s visibility was limited to just your local community, confined by geographical boundaries and word of mouth.

This scenario isn’t just hypothetical; it is a reality for businesses without a website or online marketing strategy in place.

I am old enough to remember a time without the internet (I know I am THAT old!), when posting flyers through doors was real, pinning business cards to pin boards in offices and my local Chinese and talking in front of local WI groups was some of the options to drum up business.

Sandwich Board Adverts

Last week we went to Truro for a little sightseeing trip when we were visiting our daughter Jess and I was drawn to the beautiful cathedral in the centre. As we were walking towards the cathedral we stumbled upon a little alleyway, that was off the main street.

To be completely honest, I saw a sandwich board advertising fresh hot toasties and as it was lunchtime time my belly rumbled at the thought of a hot cheese toastie, so we followed the arrow and found the cutest little cafe called Crumbles, with mismatched chairs and local artists paintings hanging on the wall. The toasties were good – I had a brie, bacon and cranberry toastie on granary with a berry tea in case you wondered!

Anyway, I digress…

Can you imagine only having a sandwich board on a street as a way for people to find your business? Whilst not impossible to get clients – after all, it worked for me and Rob – having ONLY offline marketing makes things much more difficult.

So this is just a reminder of why you should get online or if you’re already online, why you need to show up there regularly…

  • Visibility: Without a website, you’re invisible to thousands who search online daily. Don’t limit your business to just the locals.
  • Opportunity: Every day, potential customers online pass by businesses not online. That’s an opportunity lost. (If I hadn’t seen the sandwich board, we were heading to Greggs!)
  • Trust: A website isn’t just about selling; it’s about building trust. No website, no trust, it’s that simple.
  • Engagement: Online marketing isn’t a one-way street; it’s a dialogue. Engage, listen, and adapt.

24/7 Business Hub

Now imagine having a website that is at the heart of your online marketing and works for you 24/7 365 days a year.

A hub where your existing clients can be nurtured, where potential new clients can go to get their questions answered, can see how your business works and decide if they’d like to work with you or buy your products or services, even before contacting you, where clients can book an appointment to see or chat with you, where you grow your email list 24/7, where you wake up to sales every day.

How would that change business for you?

Even if you’re not friends with tech, staying offline is not sensible; it’s a risk. Your business deserves to be seen and heard. Let’s get you online and into the heart of where your customers are.

Tech is my thing, so if you’re struggling get in touch.  Let me do my thing so you can get on with yours

I have room for 2 more website builds or upgrades during April, so if you want to be online by May/June, click the button below and let’s chat

Have a fab weekend


Sarah x