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Today’s blog post How To Get Clients From Your Website is inspired by one of my clients who got in touch after I reminded her that her domain name was due for renewal.  She messaged back to ask how much was it to renew as “Because at the moment I’ve had absolutely no clients through it. So am not sure I can really afford to keep paying out and getting nothing back. I am actually getting more through Facebook and word of mouth.”

So I thought I would do some investigative work and find out why her website may not be bringing her any clients and how you can benefit from what I found.  I’m going to call this client Anne for the sake of this blog post.  These are the steps you can try …

Step 1.  Is your website getting visitors?

First of all, I wanted to check Google Analytics to see if Anne’s website is getting traffic coming to her website.  It is a fairly small amount per month (48 visitors at the time of writing) with 98% of them being New visitors and 2% being returning visitors, however her website is being visited, which is a great start!

The top 2 pages they are looking at are her Home page and her Online Booking page, so it would appear returning visitors come to her website mostly to book appointments via her Online Booking System.

By tweaking her website home page we could help new visitors to stay longer on her website to find out how Anne can help to solve their problems.

Anne could offer a freebie such as a self help video/checklist or ebook in return for the visitors Name and Email address so she can keep in touch with them and nurture the relationship.  It can take many interactions with a potential new customer before they feel ready to commit to booking an appointment.  By emailing them helpful information this can help to build that know, like and trust factor.

Step 2. Are you updating your social media platforms more regularly than your website?

On checking Anne’s Facebook page, she has created 10 Facebook posts in the last month, which is receiving a small amount of interaction.

The same posts are being created on Instagram with similar interaction and engagement.

So she is posting considerably more to her Facebook and Instagram accounts than she is to her website, hence why she is getting more clients from these methods.


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Step 3 – Are you making sure you link back to your website?

Whilst Anne is posting to her Facebook and Instagram accounts, none of these posts contains links back to her website.

By adding in a link to Book Now for an appointment and including the link to her Online Booking page on her website it will increase traffic to her website.

She could also include links to her services pages on her website when she posts about the different services she offers.  This would allow the reader to gain more knowledge on the service in question, increase Anne’s expert status on the subject and allow the visitor to get to know Anne better via her website.

And she could use links to content on her website that her audience may find interesting and helpful.

Step 4.  When was the last time you updated your website content?

Following on from Step 3 – Anne’s last blog post was published on 24th September – 111 days ago, at the time of this post.

Having new content, that is interesting to your ideal client is key to giving your potential and existing clients coming back to your website time and time again.  If there is no new content, there is no reason to return to a website.

One of the easiest ways to create new content is to write new blog posts on a regular basis on topics that your ideal client will find interesting and helpful.  Blogs can be in a variety of different formats, typically made up of text and photos.  However, you can also share videos, audio or graphics to convey this information.  Check out my previous blog 3 Blog Ideas You Can Try to give you inspiration.

Step 5. Is your website content helpful or interesting to your ideal clients?

People use Google and search engines to find out solutions to their problems and to find answers to their questions.

Sharing how you can offer solutions to your ideal client’s problems on your website helps you to gain their trust and shows off your expertise, so there is more chance they will book your services.

Answering questions that your ideal client has is a good way of creating a bank of information that you can refer people to.  And if they are asking the question, there is a good chance other people will be asking the same question too.

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You could also add information that would be helpful to your clients before and after they have used your services such as

  • Directions/Transport Links
  • What to expect duing “your service”
  • How to get the most out of “your service”
  • How to continue to get benefits after “your service”

You can then refer your clients back to your website to get this information, increasing traffic.  When Google sees you have increased traffic it presumes your site is interesting and moves you up the search rankings so there’s more chance your site will be seen by others!

What To Do Next

Now maybe a good time to take a look at some basic stats on your website and social media and check :-

  • Are visitors coming to your website and where are they spending time when they are there? Check your Google Analytics for more info
  • How often are you updating your website’s content? Consider writing 1 new piece of content per month that you can share with your audience
  • How many times are you putting yourself in front of your audience per day/week/month – Go back and check it may surprise you!
  • When you’re posting on social media are you referring to your website and including links? Make it easy for your audience to find the content you’ve created
  • Are you creating content that is of interest to your audience? Ask them what they want you to share with them and then go and create it

So I hope you have found my blog How To Get Clients From Your Website helpful.

And I hope it’s given you some inspiration to help you get more clients from your own website.

If you try any of these ideas please do come on over to my Facebook Group and let me know.  Or if you want any help to discover why your website isn’t working for you as much as you wanted please do get in touch.

I’ve just set up my Online Booking system so you can book a Discovery Call and we can have a chat to see how I can help you.

Until next time, take care


Sarah x