Olympic Rings - watching the olympics has been inspiring for me so I wrote a blog post about it

Today I’m going to be doing a blog post about Not Giving Up & Going After Your Dreams – slightly different to my normal website inspired blog posts but after watching the Toyko 2020 Olympics over the last couple of weeks, and being inspired by some of the competitors, I thought I would share in case you are in need of inspiration too!

So let’s start with Laura Collett, she is an Equestrian and has just won a gold medal for Showjumping as part of Team GB.

However 8 years ago it was a very different story for her after she fell off her horse in a cross country event. According to Wikipedia “Following a heavy fall from her horse in 2013, Collett had to be resuscitated five times and given an emergency tracheotomy by paramedics after suffering a fractured shoulder, broken ribs, a punctured lung, a lacerated liver and damage to her kidneys. Also, a fragment of her shoulder bone had detached and travelled to her right eye through her blood stream and damaged the optic nerve. She was placed in an induced coma for six days”

Now I’m sure that after that fall and those horrible injuries Laura may have thought maybe I shouldn’t get back on my horse and find a “safer” option. But luckily she didn’t, she recovered and went back to training and now she is a proud owner of a gold medal!

Laura Collett on Jitterbug in the British Open Show Jumping Championships, April 8, 2010, in Birmingham England

Now onto Beth Shriever, who is a BMX rider and also has just claimed a gold medal – but she may not even have got to the Olympics if she hadn’t taken matters into her own hands.

After Team GB decided to only support the sport’s male competitor with funding, Beth setup a Crowdfund campaign in 2019 to raise £50,000 to get her to Toyko.

According to insider.com she said “It is worrying and I don’t want my dream to compete at Tokyo to be taken away just because of money.”  

So not even the thought of raising £50k could stop her getting to the Olympics.  She took a part time job as a teaching assistant and launched her CrowdFunding campaign and took matters into her own hands! Go Beth!

I’m guessing the may review her funding after winning a Gold medal!

And onto Sky Brown – she is a British skateboarder and is just 13 yrs old! She just won a bronze medal in Tokyo.

2 years ago she had a near fatal accident in training that left her with a skull fracture and broken wrist and hand. She was air-lifted to hospital at the time and unresponsive on arrival.

However she didn’t let her accident curtail her dreams of going to the Olympics and got back on her skateboard.

Even today after falling twice doing the same trick – a kick flip indie apparently – in the first 2 rounds – she landed it well in the third attempt and that put her in third place and a place on the podium.

Another inspiring young lady who doesn’t give up on her dreams.

Check out Sky Brown’s bronze medal winning performance on this video  above from BBC Sport

Now if you know me, you will know that I’m not a sports person in any way, walking my Tibetan Terrier Teddy is about as much as I’m interested in doing, however the way these athletes get up after being knocked down, some times in physical injury, sometimes in financial circumstances, is very inspiring to me.

And using that inspiration I have been thinking about my business, in my time as a self employed sole trader (16+ years!) I have had many ups and downs. But the one thing you have to keep doing is getting back up. Dust yourself off, take a deep breath, remember why you are in business and go after your goals and dreams once more.

Can you imagine spending over 4 years perfecting your skills, your timing, your mindset in order to get a chance to fulfill your dreams? I know sounds like a lot of hard work.

But when you think about it, going after a Gold medal in the Olympics is similar to running your business. 

You setup your business, you have a dream in mind of what you want to achieve with your business (your Gold medal).  You set goals and you go after them, perfecting your skills, your timing, your mindset and more in order to create a successful business and to reach your goal.


So my question to you today, is what goals and dreams do you have for your business? What are you going to achieve this week, this month, this year? I would love to know, write me a comment below.

And once you’ve decided on your goal(s), what baby steps can you keep taking every day, every week to move towards that goal.

I’m not a business coach but have been there and done it more times than I care for, so if you want to reach out and have a chat if your looking for inspiration for your business, please do get in touch.

Have a fab week, and keep a look out for inspiration – it’s everywhere if you look.


Sarah x