Happy New Year to you!

Do you have a tendency to put off blogging?   Me too! But last year I set the intention that I would create regular blog posts, after all, if I’m telling you that you need to be blogging, I need to walk my talk.  And so I went through my planner and I have blocked off time to create a blog post the first Wednesday of every month so that by end of the year I will have created at least 12 new pieces of information to share with you.

Now I know that just the thought of blogging can bring up a whole heap of resistance and emotions, and it’s so easy to find something more pleasurable to do and it goes to the bottom of your to-do list once more.

So I thought I’d share with you a technique I’ve been using for absolutely ages that works to release those fears and negative thoughts that keep you from moving your business forwards – the wonder world of EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique or sometimes called Tapping.  I use tapping on a daily basis, to help get me motivated and to release any negativity.

And at the moment, with most of the United Kingdom being in lockdown due to Covid there’s a whole of negative emotions going on around the country.  But don’t let them stop you from growing your business.  Tap them away with me.

What is EFT?

EFT is a tapping technique that can be used by anybody. It is easy to learn, causes no pain and you need no special equipment to do it!  By tapping on acupressure points on your hands and your face, whilst concentrating on areas of your life that are causing you to feel negative in some way, you can release the negative emotions such as fear, sadness, anger, procrastination and resistance.  And in todays tap-along I’m tackling Resistance To Blogging.

How To Tap in 4 Simple Steps

Follow these 4 simple steps to learn the basics of EFT. Once you have tried it for yourself you will begin to realise the unlimited potential that EFT offers.

Step 1 – Focus On Your Problem

Think about your problem, so in this case your Resistance to Blogging.  Say out loud “I’m going to write a blog today” and see what emotions come up for you.  Fear of getting it wrong, fear of not knowing where to start, fear of being judged, fear of being seen.  Lots of different emotions could be surfacing for you.  Concentrate on the most intense one.  Rate the intensity of your emotion on a scale from 0 to 10. A rating of 0 would suggest that you have no emotion  and a level 10 rating would mean that your emotions are very high.

Step 2 – Setup Your Problem

Thinking about the Blogging, describe how it makes you feel, being as specific as possible. For example, stating “The thought of blogging makes me feel so scared it’s making me feel sick”. Then using your index and middle fingers of one hand start tapping on the Side of your Hand point of the other hand whilst saying the following statement 3 times. Fill in the blank with your description.

“Even though when I think about blogging it makes me feel  ……………….., I’m learning to love and accept myself just the way I am”

For Example :-

“Even though when I think about blogging it makes me feel so scared, and its making me feel sick, I’m learning to love and accept myself just the way I am”

Step 3 – Tap Your Problems Away!Tapping Points - Sarah Lynn

Now, focus on your emotions you identified in step 2 and give it a brief name using the keywords i.e. “My fear of blogging”

Tap approx. 7 times on the following places softly with your first two fingers and say your keywords (e.g. headache) repeatedly at each point.

 Top of Head  (use your flat palm around the crown of your head); Tap approx 7 times and say “My fear of blogging”

 Eyebrow (the point where your eyebrow begins, use the inside end nearest to your nose); Tap approx 7 times and say “My fear of blogging”

 Side Of Eye (or both); Tap approx 7 times and say “My fear of blogging”

 Under Your Eye (or both); Tap approx 7 times and say “My fear of blogging”

 Under Your Nose (halfway between your nose and your upper lip); Tap approx 7 times and say “My fear of blogging”

 Your Chin (in the cleft of your chin); Tap approx 7 times and say “My fear of blogging”

 Collarbone (where the knot would be on your tie and then move to the side 1″, use the palm of your hand if you are not sure of exact point); Tap approx 7 times and say “My fear of blogging”

 Under Your Arm (approx 4″ below your armpit, on the middle of your bra strap); Tap approx 7 times and say “My fear of blogging”

Now take a Deep Breath and reassess your problem

Step 4 – Is that it?

YES! The basics of EFT are really that simple!

If you were previously an 8 out of 10 in step 1, you may well find yourself now at a 5 or something lower. Please note that you have not simply distracted yourself from the issue, instead the chances are good that you may have healed yourself a little bit.

Now the aim of the game is to get your problem down to a rating of around a 0. So simply, if when you think of creating a blog, it is higher than a 0 – Tap again.  Continue steps 1 to 4 until you no longer feel you have those emotions and are ready to get creating that blog.

NB – Some of you will have noticed an improvement immediately whilst others may take a little longer. Remember EFT works for everyone and whilst it may not always be as simple as the example above, the impressive results are usually seen most by people who practice it repeatedly.

The video above is a Facebook live that I did on my Facebook Page and I’m planning on doing more over the coming weeks, so don’t forget to give me a Like if you want to join in live.

If you would like to watch a video and tap-along with me whenever it suits you there is a whole section of Mindset resources in The Get Visible Online Hub, my £10 membership, as I know from experience how much mindset can get in the way of running your business.

Until next time, please look after yourself


Sarah x

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