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So be honest, how often do you blog?  I’m not asking in judgemental kind of way, just being curious.  As you can see by my blog list, I’m a little bit of a sporadic blogger.  I know I “should” do it regularly but it’s often the one thing I let slip off my to-do list way to frequently.  It’s easier for me to create blogs for my clients than it is to do my own!

However after listening to a great webinar this morning from Superfast Business Wales, I have been inspired to write this blog, which will hopefully in turn, inspire you to get blogging.

Now if you’re not quite sure what blogging is I cover it in more detail in a previous post I wrote called Why You Should Blog but basically its about putting your thoughts, news, events or opinions down on an electronic post that you can share with your website visitors and existing or potential clients.

Now what caught my attention this morning was when they mentioned Google and being found on searches.

Do you know that Google looks at your website every 28 days and if nothing has changed in that time it moves you down the ranks?  

Doh!  Now I did actually know this but it was like a-ha moment this morning, when the lightbulb went off for me! Sometimes you just need reminding don’t you!

So you’ve spent all this time creating your website, choosing the right images, adding in keywords, looking at your navigation etc and then you don’t spend a couple of hours keep it up-dated or adding to your site!!

And as was said this morning on the webinar, if you aren’t going to play ball with Google, Google isn’t going to play ball with you.  They work on the basis that if you’re not regularly updated your website, then why should they put your website on that highly coveted No 1 page list.

Now Google looks for between 500-2000 words to have been added to your website content in order to show them you are serious about your business.  So we aren’t talking 18 chapters worth of information per blog post, just between 500-2000 words.  Now of course you can make your posts much longer than this but 500 words is the absolute minimum you need to be adding to your website every 28 days.

Unfortunately Google doesn’t take into consideration images, infographics, videos or audios, just text.  So if you are planning on using those on your website I would maybe suggest getting them transcribed so you can benefit from the text elements.

This would definitely be a win-win as some people like to watch, some like to listen and some like to read, so by transcribing your videos and audios you are offering a more rounded service anyway.

So I have made a business decision and have already gone through my 2021 diary and actually blocked out Blog Time so that I know come this time next year, I can look back at my website and know that I have actually done what I encourage my clients to do all the time, so basically followed my own advice.  I’m calling this – wait for it – Website Wednesday! – and I’m setting the intention for at least 1 blog a month. So there we go, this blog post is my accountability

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Until next time, stay safe and look after yourself


Sarah x