Today I want to talk to you about Call To Action’s or CTA’s as they are sometimes referred to. 

A CTA can be a button or a hyperlink that asks your reader to take an action of some kind.  It could be to ring you for a quote, it could be to book an appointment, it could be to go to your online shop and purchase something or it could be to join your newsletter list so you can stay in touch with your readers.

There are lots of different CTA’s available and they are a great way to guide your readers to take the action you specifically want them to take.

In the video above I show you 4 websites with CTA’s being used on their home pages.  But not all Call To Action buttons are equal!

A great CTA button is easy for your reader to see, quite often is in a contrasting colour to your background so they stand out, and asks your reader to take a specific action, right now.  And this action is generally all about converting your reader into a customer.

Wording on your CTA’s should be all about taking action…

Change the standard slightly boring wording such as Submit or Click Here, so that your reader knows exactly what you want them to do

Don’t forget the shape, colour and font size can make a big difference to. So have a play around and test what works and what doesn’t work.  You may find that a button in a different colour gets more clicks.

And don’t forget to keep your most important CTA’s to above the fold.  Above the fold means positioned in the upper half of a web page and so its visible to your reader without them having to scroll down the page.

In the photo here, Sainsbury’s want you to Shop Now, with up to 30% off as their sale is ending soon.  This is the first thing you see when you go to their website, you don’t need to scroll down to see their having a sale.  It’s at the top, in your face.

Action Point

So do you have any CTA’s on your website at the moment and are they doing exactly what you want them to do for you?

Call up your website right now and have a look to see what is showing in the area you immediately see, without scrolling.  If the action you want your reader to take isn’t there at the top, you may want to re-jig your home page or the page you send most readers to most often (it could be a sales page or landing page).  And don’t forget to have a look using different devices, it can look different on your mobile phone than it does on your laptop!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Until next time

Sarah x