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Today I’m sharing quick wins to boosting booking rates

This blog came about due to Mustafa from Must Massage emailing me to ask for some wisdom as he has been having lots of texts from clients asking about booking in but they don’t respond after he has replied to their texts which leaves him frustrated.

Mustafa advised the scenario typically goes like this…

Client –“Hi Mustafa, have you got a slot for me tomorrow or Wednesday?

Mustafa – “hello X, I’ve got a  slot at … let me know please?” or “sure X, what time do you prefer please?”

And then nothing, no replies and he doesn’t hear back from the client.  Even after another text they don’t reply which leaves him feeling stressed.  I’m sure you’ve been there too, it’s called “ghosting” someone and its not nice but it happens frequently.

I thought I would share what I suggested to Mustafa as it may help you too.


1) Include the link to your Online Booking page in your text reply

If you have an online booking system like Mustafa – he uses Calendly – then adding the link to your booking page allows them to see what availability you have and book directly with you.   You can use wording such as…

Client –“Hi Mustafa, have you got a slot for me tomorrow or Wednesday?”

Your reply –“Hi X yes I have availability then, if you go to my Booking page https://yourwebsite/onlinebooking/  you can see when I have availability and book in.  If you have any problems let me know”


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This way you’re not left waiting for them to reply to you and they can check your schedule against theirs.  If they don’t book in within 48 hrs, maybe send them another gentle reminder text…  “Hi * how did you get on with booking in online? Here’s the link again in case you need it… https://yourwebsite/onlinebooking/” 

And then leave it go.  Letting it stress you out, keeps you in negative emotional energy and blocks clients from coming to you. Please do remember not to take it personally when clients “ghost” you, life is busy, they may mean to get back to you but have forgotten or got side-tracked or had to go to work so don’t take it to heart <3 

2) Include your link in your Social media posts

Create posts on your social media accounts several times a week letting people know you have an Online Booking system and include the link either in the post or in the first comment.

“Do you know I offer Online Booking? Just click here https://yourwebsite/onlinebooking/ to see availability and book direct. I look forward to seeing you soon x

Just remember that you can create a clickable link in Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest however in Instagram you can’t add a clickable link to your post description.  So lots of people say “link is in my bio” and then add the URL link in the Website section on the profile. 

(Side note – If you want to send them to a link on your website which has multiple points of info, check out my LinkInBio template!)

3) Include the link to book on your newsletter footer

Make it easy for your clients to book in.  When I send out an email newsletter in Mailerlite (my preferred platform) I have a footer template already created with links to how people can work with me.  This is automatically added to all of my emails so makes it super quick to share.

Here are the words I use if you want to swipe them to add to your emails…

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4) If you don’t have an Online Booking Page linked to a calendar

Still make it super easy to book with you. 

Tell them “how to book an appointment” – do you want them to text you, pm you, ring you or email you, drop you a WhatsApp?  Share how they easily book with you on your social media posts and website

Make sure your contact details are up-to-date on your website and social media About sections.

Display the hours and day you work publicly on your social media/website/google business profile so people know exactly when they can book with you.

Create a Booking Form on your website

If you have a website create a booking form on your Contact page.  Keep it simple, add check boxes if your platform allows so people can just  easily click when they prefer to see you.  Maybe something like the following form would work for you?

Preferred Day(s)

Preferred Time

Session Required

2 + 10 =

5) Creating Guiding Content

Educated and informed customers make decisions. So why not share articles you have written to help educate them so they know more about working with you.

Try creating a “What to expect during a xx session”

This could include:

  • What happens during a session
  • What to wear
  • Anything they need to bring with them or prepare before the session
  • How they may feel during and after
  • The benefits of working with you for 1 session
  • The benefits of working with you for an extended period (plant that seed that multiple sessions may bring better results!)
  • Why do they need to do afterwards

Share the link to this article

If you have the ability, create it as a Blog on your website and add the link to your text/social media posts/email newsletter.

If you don’t have a blog on your website – create it as a Word document or in Canva and then save it as PDF to a Dropbox account and share the link.  Or create it as a Google Doc and share the link to it.

6) Remind people you are available

And lastly – Remember it’s your job to remind people you are in business and that they could be working with you.  They shouldn’t have to come looking for you, so show up regularly wherever they are online.  Remind them what you offer and what they are missing out on!

Summary of Boosting Booking Rates

So in this blog, I have suggested boosting your booking rates…

  • Add your booking links to your texts
  • Add your booking links to your social media posts
  • Add your booking links to the footer of your email newsletter
  • If you haven’t got online booking, make sure your contact info is easy to find and up-to-date on all your social media platforms and website if you have one (and if not contact me to get one!!)
  • Create Guiding Content to educate your potential customers so they can make an informed decision about whether they want to work with you

I hope this has been helpful for you.  If you want to work with me to get more visible online so you can attract more customers I’d love to talk to you.  Just click the button below and book in for a free 15 min, no-pressure chat

Until next time


Sarah x