Lady hiding her face with her hands

When you are making decisions in your business do you make them out of fear or when you are in flow?  Are the decisions made on facts or how you are feeling at the time?  If you said facts and in-flow great ; Knowing where you are factually in the business allows you to make decisions that will allow you to grow your business based on a plan.  When you make emotional decisions that can cause a whole heap of problems.

This week I met a friend for tea and a catchup. This friend is a very good holistic therapist; I have spent many a happy hour on her therapy couch where her magic hands have worked wonders.

Part-Time Job

After sorting out the world, our conversation turned to work. When I asked how work was, she mentioned it was manic in the lead-up to Christmas however during January it was very slow and she had even considered getting herself a part-time job to tide her over. Luckily her daughter talked her out of this idea!

When she mentioned this I was horrified that she would think about going back to being employed, partly because she is a great therapist and partly because I knew she wasn’t happy in her old job but it was “safe” and she knew what she was doing so was within her comfort zone – even though it didn’t make her feel comfortable and she disliked going to work!

With my SOS head on I suggested that maybe she needed to do some more marketing of her business to remind her old and potential clients why they should be booking in to see her. She said she had been posting on Facebook however, hadn’t had any clients from it or much engagement from the last couple of posts.

I asked how many times she had posted and she said “a couple of times since Christmas” – I pointed out to her it was the 2nd week of February so maybe she needed to show up more as a couple of times obviously wasn’t enough for her business (I know I am a straight talking kind of gal!). Upon checking she had posted 3 times in January but nothing since then.

Understanding Facebook

Now whilst I can’t confess to being an A* student on Facebook algorithms, my understanding is they go something like this…If you post regularly and your followers are clicking the Like, <3 or the other emoji buttons and/or commenting on your post, Facebook assumes that what you are sharing is interesting and will show them to more people. If you aren’t posting very often and are not getting engagements (Likes/Comments/Shares) then Facebook assumes that what you are posting is NOT interesting to your followers and so shows your posts to fewer people.

Facebook pages apparently only reach approximately 1-2% of their followers each time you post. If you have 100 followers that means that only 1-2 people will see your post. If you are not sharing information that they find helpful/funny/meaningful/share-worthy/worth commenting on, then those few people will not engage in your post and so the next time you post even less of your followers will be shown the post!

Avoid Feast or Famine

Having a plan in place to strategically market your business on a regular and consistent basis means that you can help to avoid those feast or famine times in your business.

However, I completely understand that it’s very easy to stop marketing when you are busy and only remember to start again when you are quiet.  To prevent this from happening, I would suggest that you block off time in your diary at least once a week to market your business. Block it off and make it non-negotiable, just like you would if a client had booked in with you.

If a client had an appointment booked, I’m guessing you wouldn’t change them to a different time or day if you could possibly help it unless there really were no other options or you would risk them not working with you in the future.

Yet too many times slots that are “pencilled in” for working on your business ie marketing, accounts etc get moved around quite easily or even cancelled but not rescheduled in favour of booking in a client, doing something for family or friends, or hand-on heart I have even been known to iron rather than do my accounts – shock horror!!

I have learnt over the years that the back-end stuff (marketing/accounts/banking/education/insurance/stock ordering etc) is equally important if not more so than the client-facing stuff we do. 

And without having firm plans in place to do these essential but quite often boring tasks on a non-negotiable basis, it is very easy to become a feast or famine kind of business, which again from my own experience is not nice and causes you undue stress.

So what do you do in your business in order to make it grow? Do you have a plan already in place that you can work on regularly and tweak to keep improving it?  Or do you need to grab your diary and start blocking off those “Working On Your Business” slots for this year

If you want a hand getting a workable plan in place then get in touch and I’d be very happy to help


Sarah x