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Hi Sarah

I’ve got a website I pay a yearly hosting fee, and I have not gained any clients from having a website.

Are there any changes I should do to my website?


Having recently joined the Love Reflexology directory in the Business Support section, I asked the members how I can help them get the most of their websites and Catherine asked the above question.  So having reviewed her website I came up with an article for Love Reflexology which can be found here… Attract New Clients From Your Website

But in case you want to know what I’ve said, I’ve summarised it here.  In the article I suggest 5 reasons why you aren’t getting clients from your website

1) More You, Less I

2) You’re Not Sharing Your Experience

3) They Book Appointments Directly With You

4) You’re Not Inviting Them Back

5) You’re Not Selling Anything

1) More You, Less I

When you wrote the text for your pages way back when, who were you writing for?  I’m guessing you were writing them for you.  Now this is not me being judgemental, after all I’m guessing you haven’t been taught how to write for a website before have you?  But if you go back and read your website right now I’m guessing there will be lots of sentences starting with I.  I’m qualified in this, I’ve studied here etc etc. 

Just a tip that I’ve learnt along the way, when you are writing anything for your website, social media posts or any marketing you need to do it from your Ideal Clients point of view.  How is working with you going to benefit them? What problems do they have, that you can solve? What can they expect from working with you?

Using more “you” and less “I” makes the text about your ideal client and not about you.  Try it and see if you can get a better response

2) You’re Not Sharing Your Experience

Now what pages have you got on your website.  The average website has a Home page, an About Me page, a Services/Work With Me page and a Contact page as standard.  Now you do need these pages, so don’t go rushing to delete them but these pages generally don’t change week on week, so once your potential client has read them once, why should they come back to your site.

However by adding a blog onto your site, that you regularly update with new content that your ideal client is interested in, you give them a reason to come back time and time again.

Now a blog is simply your thoughts, experiences, resources etc, written down and shared with your audience on your website.  It can be made up of text, photos, videos, audio and gif’s.

Then by telling your audience you have new information available for them along with a link to the blog post (always make it as simple as you can for them), they have a reason to come back and check out what you’ve said.  This a great way to create know, like and trust amongst new potential clients and to keep you in front of your existing clients.  You may be interested in my post Why You Should Blog to find out more about blogging.

3) They Book Appointments Directly With You

Now please don’t think I’m telling you not to book your own appointments because that would plain daft.  What I am suggesting is that maybe an Online Booking System or Online Diary could work in your favour for lots of reasons.

1) It means they come back to your website – yay!

2) If you’ve ever booked a client in over email, text or messenger you know it normally goes something like.  Client – Can I book an appointment? You – yes of course, when works for you? Client – What appointments have you got free? You – Is Morning or Afternoon better for you? Client – Mornings You – Ok I’ve got Monday at 930am or Wed at 11am Client – Have you got anything later on Monday? etc etc etc.  Lots of to-ing and fro-ing to get the right date and time for them.  With an Online Booking System, they click on the date they want and it shows them the times available to them.  They book or choose a different date.  Simple!  Plus they can be booking at 12:15am when they suddenly remember they want an appt without having to bother you.

3) Lots of online booking systems allow you to create your own client forms that the client needs to complete before they can book in with you so you can gather information before they come to you.  With Risk Assessments needing to be done online due to Covid 19, this is an ideal time to create a form that contains all the questions you need answering, to save you time when the client actually gets to you.

4) Most booking systems allow you to take payment from your clients via Paypal or Stripe.  Once the client has paid there is less chance they will cancel or not show up for an appointment plus you don’t need to take payment at the end of the time with you, saving you time again.

Now there a lots of online booking systems out there.  I personally use Acuity Scheduling* for my holistic therapy clients and love it.  I started off with the free version and then upgraded so I could add it onto my website.  Its very customisable, you decide on the appointment types, the forms your client needs to complete before they can book, your opening hours and more. I pay monthly for this service, the Emerging package allows 1 calendar at 1 location and costs $15 per month (approx £12).

If you don’t want to pay monthly, then why not check out Amelia,* which is a great online booking system for WordPress websites.  With an annual fee of $59 (approx. £47) that allows you to book appointments and events with customisable booking forms, payments available via Stripe or PayPal, automated notifications like appointment emails, SMS and birthday greetings, Zoom integration and much more. Check out all the features here*.

4) You’re Not Inviting Them Back

So a potential new clients arrives at your website and after taking a quick nosey around they click away – never to be seen again!  Now if you have decided to follow step 2 above and have started blogging, how are you going to tell them about the new blog you have written which is perfect for their problem, um – you can’t!

Not unless you have got their contact details!  So why not put a form on your website collecting their name and email address, then everytime you create a new blog post you can let them know 🙂 

There are lots of email tool providers out there, some paid, some free and some that start off free and then go to paid.  I personally use MailChimp and Mailerlite for my email lists, with my preference leading to Mailerlite*.

The only thing is with Mailerlite you will need an email linked to your website eg as they won’t accept email ac’s not linked to your website such as gmail or hotmail.

With MailerLite you can have up to 1,000 subscribers and email them up to 12,000 times per month (in total) for FREE!

You can create embedded email forms for your website, pop up forms, automatic welcome letters, create landing pages and more.

5) You’re Not Selling Anything

Just a quick tip – If you’re not selling anything, your client can’t buy anything!

I know you’ve got your telephone number and email address on your website but how many times do they actually use them? Probably not as much as you’d like.

People like to browse and buy in their own time, so why not put an online shop on your website?  Offer them gift vouchers and products that will enhance their experience with you.  If you’re a therapist you could offer oils to use at home or mediation mp3’s they can download and use in between their sessions with you.  If you’re a jeweller, what about jewellery cleaning products or jewellery boxes to store your items in.  You get the picture. What would you ideal clients need from you to enhance their life in between seeing you.

I use WooCommerce for all of my and my clients online stores and love it.  But you could also add in Paypal buttons by creating them via the dashboard of your Paypal ac and then adding the code to your website.

So there you are, five action steps you can take on your website, if you are not getting the clients you want from your website. These can all be actioned by you, but if you’re not friends with technology, and want me to do them for you, then just get in contact and I’d love to help you get more clients. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


If you click on some of the links, and you then make a purchase, I may receive compensation from the companies. I only promote the products I have invested in myself and recommend based on my own opinion.