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With all this gloom and doom talk about the ever-increasing prices of gas and electricity and the impending recession, I want to share with you 7 ways to get more clients AND keep them coming back time and time again!


Tip 1 – Focus your business on a specific audience

I know it is really tempting to try and sell your services/products to anyone and everyone when you are struggling and times are slow but trying to market to everyone makes your marketing efforts so much harder.

Determining exactly who you want to work with, what problems they have and what solutions you can provide to them, will make it so much easier.

When you talk about the problems your ideal clients have there is a much bigger chance of you being noticed.  If you are posting on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest about your “tools” all the time eg reflexology, Emmett technique, massage, voice training etc will the reader even stop and read your post?  Probably not, because that’s not what they are focusing on.  They are focusing on their problem.

It’s a bit like when you decide you want to buy a red car and all of a sudden all you can see on the road are red cars.  You don’t notice the blue ones or the black ones only the red cars because red cars are what you are focussing on.

Exactly the same with their problem, talk about their problem using words that they would use and bingo you will catch their attention!


Tip 2 – Actively participate in Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out.

Once you have decided which ideal clients you want to work with (tip 1), you can search for groups that they will be members of.  Try typing in some of the words your ideal clients may be using about their problem into a Facebook search and see what comes up.

Join these groups and then participate in the conversations going on.  DO NOT SELL in these groups.  You will be marked as a spammer and probably asked to leave if not told off!  Comment on the posts, sharing hints and tips.  Offer advice on how they can help themselves.

Think of it like you were having a conversation with someone you met in the street, you ask how they are, they say “ooh not so good today because my xxx is playing up” you may respond with “have you tried xxx, it really helped me”.  Just a natural conversation where you are helping another human being.  No sales pitch needed.  Now if they ask for more information then go ahead and share how you may be able to help them, but don’t start a conversation with a sales pitch.  It’s exactly the same on social media.


Tip 3 – Create blog content that is written with your ideal client in mind

Having information and content on your website that your ideal client will find helpful and useful is crucial.

Create blog posts about the questions people are asking to solve their problems.

Take this example, a 40+ lady who is struggling with mind fog due to the wonders of perimenopause/menopause.  When she is googling her problem she will possibly be typing in that search bar terms such as “natural ways to deal with mind fog” or “how to deal with mind fog” or “how can I get rid of brain fog”.

Google is like a giant library, and when that lovely lady hits “Search”, Google goes off and a blink of an eye returns all of the information it can find with words that match or are similar to the ones she has typed into Google. 

If you have written blog posts about those words, you stand a chance of coming up in the search results.


google search bar on a tablet device

If you are in the search results, she may decide to read your blog.  If she finds it helpful she may decide to read more and find out what help you can offer her.  She may decide to buy from you.

If you don’t have information on your website that talks about the problems your ideal clients are concerned about, they won’t find you and will buy from someone else.


“Tip 4 – Follow up with clients who haven’t rebooked

Following up with previous clients is a simple but very effective way of making new sales.  Your clients may mean to come back to you but their life is busy and so they forget cos they are dealing with work, children, parents, the dog etc.

Get back in touch with the clients who you haven’t seen in the last couple of months, ask they how are they doing? How were they after they last worked with you.  DO NOT SELL!  Jog their memory of when they last came to see you and remind them of what they are missing out on.

Make it part of your marketing plan to check in with clients who haven’t been to see you in the last 3 months, the last 6 months, the last year. Gently nudge them after all – It is your job to remind them you are still in business.


Tip 5 – Follow up with potential clients that never purchased from you

You know the ones who sent you a DM or sent you an email or filled in your Contact Form on your website but after your initial conversation they decided not to work with you, for whatever reason.

Drop them a DM or an email and just check in with them.  Again DO NOT SELL.  Ask how they are? Ask if they ever got the problem they contacted you about solved?

Your follow up reminder may be enough to bring you back into their thoughts so they can decide if now is a good time to work with you.

Don’t take it personally if now is still not a good time, just put it in your diary for another 3 months to check back in with them.


Tip 6 – Build your email list and nurture your subscribers

Getting people to buy from you is often a waiting game.  Lots of people want a solution to their problem however as it quite often means they have to do or learn something new than what they are already doing, it can be scary. 

And so even though they may put their hand up to say they are interested in what you have to offer, sometimes you have to nurture that relationship until the time is right for them. 

email icons floating away from a mobile phone

Maybe their problem isn’t sooo bad that they need to take instant action so they sit on the sideline and observe for a while.  It’s only when the problem becomes urgent that they decide ok I have to do something about this now and then it will be the right time to buy from you.

Take Julie, she really knows she could do with losing a couple of pounds or if she’s really honest maybe a stone or two!  Her jeans are tight, she gets out of breath when she’s walking and she avoids looking in the mirror if she can help it.

She has noticed you sell slimming services but doesn’t really take much interest.  She may have half heartly download your freebie “3 ways to lose 7 pounds in a month” because she saw a friend saying it was good, but she didn’t actually read it.

Then she gets a text off her friend inviting her to a school reunion in a months time.  She accepts and then starts thinking about who is going to be there.  What is she going to wear?  She hasn’t seen these people in over a decade.  Oh no!

Suddenly her problem becomes urgent.  She is ready to buy.

And because you have been emailing her regularly, even though she doesn’t very often open your emails let alone read them, she thinks of you.  She checks out your website, your Facebook page and sees you are have a weight loss event taking place this Thursday.  She decides to go.  She is ready to take action.

Your regular emails have paid off and she is now ready to work with you. Success!

NB – If you haven’t got an email list setup and want to know how to set it up check out my mini course How to Create Your Email List


Tip 7 – Guest blog on other websites – the art of collaboration

Now that you know who you ideal clients are and the problems they have (step 1) you can look for other businesses who also work with similar clients as you.

Get in touch with these businesses and share how you can help their audience with their problems and ask if you can write an article sharing some tips on how they can help themselves at home with their problem.

Now these businesses shouldn’t be direct competition to you but think of businesses you could collaborate with.

For example, a wedding dress shop may be interested in working with a florist.  There is no competition, neither are going to take each others clients however they could work well together.  Each recommending the other.  The wedding dress shop’s readers may well be interested in a blog post talking about the best flowers to have in your bouquet during the winter.

A hairdresser may be interested in working with a holistic therapist who specialises in stress.  People who are having their hair done quite often will share with their hairdresser their worries and woes.  If you can help them with their worries and woes the hairdresser could recommend you.  By writing a blog on 3 ways to stop stress so you can sleep at night, the hairdresser’s clients will benefit, the hairdresser will have helped their client and you will have found yourself a potential new client.


In summary…

  • Focus your business on a specific audience – determine your ideal client
  • Actively participate in Facebook Groups – offer help and advice
  • Create blog content that is written with your ideal client in mind – what are they googling
  • Follow with clients who haven’t rebooked – remind them you are there
  • Follow up with potential client that never purchased from you – they may be ready to buy now
  • Build your email list and nurture your subscribers – again remind that you can help
  • Guest blog on other websites – the art of collaboration

So there you go 7 ways you can try today to get more clients and keep them coming back to you.

Hope it helps


Sarah x