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This blog post and website Wednesday came about as one of my Facebook members shared that her biggest challenge right now is to get clients to rebook. 

So I thought I would share 7 ways to get clients to rebook with you today.

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 In this blog I am going to cover…

  1. Educate your clients and potential clients
  2. Sell your services/products in packages
  3. Memberships and Subscription Plans
  4. Start a Loyalty Scheme
  5. Follow-up with your clients
  6. Nurture your relationship
  7. Ask for their feedback

1) Educate Your Clients and Potential Clients

It’s SO important to educate your clients on your services and products before they even become a client.  And it’s up to you to educate your clients on how to get the results they want for their problems from your services or products. 

People will spend lots of time researching their problems and the solutions available to them so why not make it easy for them by creating content that will help them. 

  • If you have a website share useful content in your blog posts about topics they are googling. Titles could be…
    • “How many reflexology sessions will I need”
    • “3 Benefits of buying a package of treatments”
    • “Your roadmap to releasing back pain”
    • “What to expect after your first session of x”
  • Share this information on your social media posts too.  Use snippets from your blog posts as content on your social media accounts with links back to read the full blog on your website.
  • Create videos where you educate your clients on why they should be rebooking your services regularly 
  • Create a welcome pack and in it share the benefits of working together long-term.  Give or send this to your client on their first consultation with you
  • Create an eBook or pdf and give it away free in return for their name and email address. 
  • Send an email to your list and share successful case studies with them – sharing the results your clients had on their journey with you

Educating your clients and potential clients on realistic timescales to get the results they want will help to manage their expectations so they know that you don’t have a magic wand but having regular consistent sessions can get them to that goal. 

It can prevent complaints and lack of motivation from your clients if they are not instantly seeing the results they want.  Let them know in advance that after working with you, that you like to keep in touch with them to check how they are doing so they know to expect your texts/calls/emails.

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2) Sell Packages

Don’t just offer single sessions to your customers, sell packages of your services or products so that you are planting the seed that they will need more than one session with you. Sell the benefits of packages in blog posts/social media posts and when you are chatting to you clients which could include discounted prices or added extras – book 5 sessions and get 30 mins extra.

And don’t forget to explain why the number of extra sessions are valuable to the client so they can see the value rather than just the cost.


3) Memberships and Subscription Plans

Think about offering memberships or subscription plans to your clients.  One of my good friends offers her customers a monthly treatment membership. When they signup they agree to pay monthly for a treatment which encourages them to rebook but she also gives them the option of gifting that session to a friend or family if they can’t make it or don’t need the session that month.  They also get the benefit of a discounted rate compared to regular treatment prices.

It’s a win-win – the therapist knows in advance how much money she has coming in at the start of the month and how busy she is going to be plus the client gets a discounted regular treatment to help with their problem or gets to look good to their family/friends if they gift their session.

Using myself as an example, I offer a monthly Maintenance plan for my website clients.  In return for their monthly subscription they know that I will keep their website backed up and updated behind the scenes and depending on which level of plan they are on, I also create their blog and newsletter for them so they don’t have to worry about the technology side of things and I know I have regular money coming in and satisfied customers with websites that are maintained well.

4) Start a Loyalty Scheme

Loyalty Is Rare…If You Find It, Keep It!

Or so the saying goes. Creating loyal clients will do wonders for your business. Not only will they rebook with you but there’s also a good chance that they will tell others about you too.


Loyalty Card

Every time a client books a service with you mark it off on a loyalty card and then offer them something when they have purchased so many sessions with you or have spent a particular sum of money.  My hairdresser uses the back of her business card as her loyalty card and dates a circle every time I go to see her.  When I get to 5 sessions I get 10% off my bill, when I get to 10 sessions I get 20% off my bill.  A great reason for me to go back there time and time again.

Or think like Boots The Chemist, their loyalty card gives you points each time you purchase products from them, I think its 1 point for every £ you spend. You can then use these points to get money off at the till when you have collected enough.  They also use their loyalty cards during events – Double points available Mon-Wed 5pm-9pm – to attract people into their store at quieter times or to encourage spending  – get an extra 50 points when you spend £50.  This would work well if you hold events in your business

5) Follow-up with your clients

This is an easy strategy to put in place and should definitely be part of your customer journey

  • Starting with a simple one – Ask your client to rebook at the end of their session with you, whilst they are still feeling wonderful and enjoying the benefits of working with you.  It doesn’t have to be a hard sell, a simple “would you like to book again?” could be sufficient!
  • If they don’t re-book, put it in your diary to follow up with them x days later. For example, 3 days later send them a text or email asking how they are after your session together
  • If they still don’t rebook, put it in your diary to follow up with them in 2-3 weeks’ time. Again a quick text or email – “Hi Sarah, just checking in with you to see how you are doing after our session together? X”
  • If they still don’t rebook, diarise it for 2 months again and then drop them an email or text to check in with them

    It’s your job to remind customers you are there so get in the habit of doing so regularly.  Many booking systems offer this feature and so can be set up automatically but even using your pen and diary this only takes minutes but can reap big rewards.

    6) Nurture your relationship

    Keep in contact with your client list regularly.  Share helpful information with them, let them know about success stories.  Remind them what they are missing out on.  It could be that they mean to book back in with you, but simply forget as life is busy.  Gentle touches on a regular basis may be enough to get them to return

    Just like you would nurture a friendship, remember to nurture your clients too


    7) Ask for their feedback

    And lastly if they don’t rebook, then take the opportunity to ask them for feedback so you can take action on anything they weren’t happy with.  Send them a quick survey so you can find out what they didn’t like or what they were expecting but didn’t happen so you improve on your systems and procedures going forwards. 

    Remember not to take this personally.  Lots of people won’t give negative feedback and instead vote with their feet by going somewhere else.  At least if you know what the problem was you have a chance to fix it.  And you may even get a second chance with this client and turn a leaving client into a regular client.

    So there you go 7 ways you can use to get clients to rebook back in with your business.

    I hope you have found this blog helpful.  If you feel stuck with any part of your online marketing feel free to reach out and book a Power Hour with me and I can help get you back on track

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