5 reasons why you should work with a web designer rather than creating a website yourself by Sarah Lynn

So you’re thinking of creating a website or upgrading your existing website but wondering do you bite the bullet and do it yourself or do you decide to get professional help and work with a web designer?

Today I’m going to be talking about the 5 reasons why you should work with a web designer rather than going it alone.

Now obviously I am a little biased being a web designer myself but for the sake of ensuring this post is useful to you I pinky-promise to keep my reasons factual 😊 

1. First Impressions Count

A web designer will allow you to create you a professional looking custom website based around your business and your business goals.  First impressions really do count as the saying goes and you want your website to look good rather than looking like a “DIY” version or even worse just like the business next door!  When you use a cookie cutter template to create your website you can be limited by the template capabilities such as your layout, your graphics your text etc.  A web designer can design your website to not only look good but to have the functionality your business needs as well as ensuring your branding shines through.

2. It Saves You Time.

Creating a new website, regardless of what platform you are using WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace to name just a few, means you have to learn how to use the platform before you can start creating the website of your dreams.  Working with a web designer allows you time to concentrate on what you do best, your business. 

If you’re having to learn the technical side of how to create a website you either need to do it instead of seeing clients or after your normal working day, neither of which is great when you’re trying to run a business.   Due to it being new to you, it will take time to learn the software you are using and it can take lots of time to watch tutorials/read documentation before you can even get started.

5 reasons for working with a web designer - saves you time

3. It Saves You Money.

Even though you may think that paying for a web designer can seem more expensive in comparison to doing it yourself, it can save you money in the long term.  Your website will be created much quicker by using a web designer.  This is their job, they do it every day and so what can take you hours, can take them minutes to complete.  That way your website will be launched quicker and you can start getting a return on your investment by being found online. 

You may know what you want to achieve but don’t know how to make that happen, a web designer will know how to achieve the results you want and in a cost-effective manner.  They will also do things effectively ensuring all parts of your website work together to avoid timely and potentially costly mistakes down the line.

4. Creates A Great User Experience

Reason number 4 of why you should work with a website designer is User Experience. If your website visitors can’t find what they need to find on your website easily and quickly they will click away, often never to return!

A web designer can help to create a great user experience.  By combining easy-to-use features, good navigation, useful content, proof of satisfied customers along with striking an emotional chord with your visitors, your website can help you to convert visitors from browsers to buyers.

5. Search Engine Optimisation

Your website doesn’t just need to look good it also needs to be found on search results for it to be effective. A web designer will know how to optimise the different parts of your website to get the best results in search rankings.  A designer will work behind the scenes of your websites on elements such as architecture, navigation, content layout, keywords and more to allow your website to stand a good chance against all of the other businesses competing in your field.

There are many different web designers out there and finding one you want to work with, can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack so don’t be afraid to ask other business owners for their recommendations.  Looking at Google Reviews and Facebook reviews can give you an indication of what they are like to work with, along with checking out their portfolios.  Each designer will have their own style and it’s important to find one that suits you and your business.  It may also be helpful to know that they understand your type of business.

My Experience

Having been a self-employed holistic therapist myself for over 15+ years has allowed me great insight into the pros and cons of running your own business and I gladly share this experience with my clients.  I am a self-taught website designer after becoming frustrated at not being in control of my own website and so I am keen to share this knowledge – if you want to know, some of my clients don’t have the time or inclination to learn and are completely happy for me to do it for them and that’s ok too!  A lot of my clients are self-confessed technophobes who dread the thought of having to learn technology.

Along with my website building knowledge, understanding how your website can be a part of your whole business including your marketing strategies can be very helpful.  Your website needs to work hard for you and your business.  With 17 years of experience, I can guide you if you want help in this area.

I would thoroughly recommend Sarah Lynn when creating a website. She has managed to capture everything I was hoping for in my website and more. Her warm, friendly, approachable nature really helped me, as I am one of those ‘Women in Business Who Aren’t Friends with Technology’!! Some of the comments I have received since my website went live a week ago….’very professional’, ‘easy to navigate’, ‘fresh and modern’, ‘inviting’, ‘warm and friendly’ say it all….

Geraldine Russell

Soul Footprints

So now that I have shared my top 5 reasons why you should work with a web designer, what do you think?

If you have any questions, then please do get in touch.

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Thanks for reading xx