3 easy blog ideas you can try today

Hands up if you’ve ever sat at your desk, knowing you should be writing a blog post for your website, only to find your mind goes blank, you have no idea what to write about, nothing exciting to say, no news to share and so you put it off until next month, because you haven’t got time to waste.

I know I’ve been there and done it too, so here’s 3 easy blog ideas you can write about today.  So go and grab yourself a cuppa, a notepad and pen or your laptop depending on how you roll, pop some music on and let’s get started.

In each of the 3 blog ideas today I’m going to give you examples for different industries because I work with ladies in many different types of businesses, I’m hoping it might spark your imagination on what to write for your business

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And if you prefer to watch rather than read, head down to the bottom of this blog post, where you can find a video of a  Facebook live I did sharing these 3 Blog Ideas in my Website Wednesday slot

Blog Idea 1 – What to do after you buy my service or product?

Share your experience and wisdom of how your customer can get the most out of the service or product they have bought from you once they get home.  Just because you know what to do, doesn’t mean your customer does.

Reflexology – this could be your after care notes, drink water, rest if needed, light diet etc.  But it could also be your homework that you give to your clients.  I used to suggest journaling, writing a gratitude diary, taking Bach flower remedies, writing a letter containing all your feelings and burning/shredding, keeping a food/sleep diary etc. 

Gratitude Journal

Share with your client how to get the most out of their treatment and preparation for their next session with you.

Florist – How to arrange the flowers they have purchased from you.  How to keep them looking fresh for as long as possible.  The best shape of vase to use for different bouquets to get the maximum effect.

Jewellery Designer – How to keep your jewellery clean and shiny after each use.

Blog Idea 2 – Why you are passionate about xxx?

Reflexologists – Why you are passionate about helping couples get pregnant.  Why you are passionate about helping ladies to stop getting migraines.  Why you are passionate about reducing back pain. Why you are passionate about helping people overcome their Fibromyalgia.

Florists – Why you are passionate about making someone’s wedding day beautiful. Why you are passionate about sending someone off with love on their funeral.  Why delivering flowers to someone on their birthday and making them smile, makes you smile.

  • What’s your experience of xxx?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • How can you help others because of your passion?

Blog Idea 3 – Why this rather than that for xx?

With this blog idea, it allows you to showcase your skills and knowledge of your subject.  Try using the following as examples

  • Why I would choose reflexology rather than massage for your tension headaches
  • Why I would choose roses over sunflowers in your winter wedding bouquet
  • Why I would choose Baby Pato wool over Little Ones DK for baby cardigans.

Share your opinion and why you believe this to be true as well as sharing your knowledge.

Roses for wedding bouquet

So there you have it – 3 blog ideas you can try on your website. 

When you are writing your blogs remember to write from the point of view of helping your ideal client and building a relationship with them.

If the thought of writing a blog, physically with pen and paper or typing it into your laptop stops you being in the flow, why not try speaking your blog into one of the many talk and type apps.  I have one on my phone and sometimes find that its easier to imagine my ideal client standing in front of me and answering their question whilst recording myself on my talk and type app.

I’ve got an android phone and have downloaded the app Speech Texter.  I then share it via email or messenger and copy and paste it into my blog post.  Just remember to read it back and check the grammar as it doesn’t always get the words right first time!  However the bulk of the copy is there ready for me to format it whichever way I want to and saves typing.

If you try any of these 3 blog ideas, please do let me know, send me the link so I can have a read and learn a little bit about you.

And if you haven’t got a blog already, then just get in touch and I would very happy to help you create one

Until next time


Sarah x